Benefits of Cloud Backup Service in Information Technology

Irrespective of the business you are in, information is one of the most valuable assets. It does not matter that your principal business is not data, you still maintain customer receipts, stock, financial documents or some sort of information that would be harmful if you lost them. Everybody knows that copies are important, but several layers of backup protection are better. Among the very best and easiest ways to make certain your information is protected is utilizing online business backup.

cloud backup solutions

One of the problems with many backup processes is that they require some level of manual work. Even if  it is as easy as swapping out a tape or adding a flash drive, somebody should remember to do it. In today’s fast paced business environment, details like this tend to get lost in the shuffle. With offsite data backup automated to the cloud, all  that is needed is a link to the Internet. Everything else is automatic. Data is backed up real time with no human intervention required.

Automated copies to the cloud are also very economical. Backup Processes that involve tape drives, DVDs and flash drives not only take time, but cost money. Offsite backups to the cloud are extremely inexpensive comparatively, and many have business models that match how you store data. Some will allow an infinite quantity of information from one computer. This is the best way if all of the customer data is stored on a single computer in your inventory or accounting department. Some will backup every computer on site with a flat fee for a specific quantity of information and a reasonable charge for anything over that amount.

An offsite solution to the cloud is not only automated, it is kept in a secure environment in a data centre with security and redundant power and connectivity. If your information is ever damaged or lost, you just connect another computer to the offsite storage system and you are back in business instantly.

An advantage of using a company cloud backup solutions that is equally automated and offsite is your peace of mind it brings to your clients. Many prospective clients will want to know about your business continuity plan and a significant portion of this is data recovery in the event of a disaster. If you can assure them that the information is protected real time in an offsite location and accessibility to this data is fast and simple, that just could be the difference in making the purchase.